Welcome to the DSA Media Network

The DSA Media Network is proud to be western Canada’s largest independent media group. With more than 20 full-time media professionals and a number of unique partnerships across the West, DSA Media provides the experience, knowledge and dedication of multiple teams, who know how to marry media smarts with local insights.

The DSA Media Network is proud to be 100% Canadian owned and operated. We bring a wealth of knowledge to the table in regional, national and international buying and planning. DSA offers traditional values and work ethics combined with the very latest in technology and research tools – in the hands of people who know what to do with them.

Our staff is involved and enthusiastic about working together and we produce great work that we are proud of. Our clients tell us they love the fact that we not only deliver the numbers, but we have people who day after day make a positive impact on their businesses.

Announcement – Management Team Update

Group_ANDavid and Mary Stanger, Co-Founders of the DSA Media Network are pleased to make the following announcement.

“Today, we are announcing the creation of an Executive Management team at DSA Media under the leadership of Samantha Richardson. Our network, which now includes 5 offices in 3 Provinces has experienced remarkable growth over the past 4 years, and it is time for us to put a management team in place that will guide the company in the years ahead”.

Earlier this year, Samantha Richardson and Carey Lewis were promoted to the position of Executive Vice President, with Richardson as Director of Media Operations and Lewis as Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development.

Samantha Richardson joined DSA Media in 2007 as the Media Director of the Langley office and over that time has established herself as the director of all of the DSA Network’s operations, while continuing to lead the Langley team, and assisting David Stanger in new business pursuits.

Stanger said “She is a caring and thoughtful leader, and one who always has the best interests of our staff first and foremost, in every decision she makes. In addition to her extensive media skills, she has become increasingly adept at running the company’s business operations, which is no small task given our growth and rapid expansion. In 2012, Richardson was named the first-ever Vice President in DSA’s history. Her new title, Executive Vice President, Director of Media Operations reflects her continued growth, and the enormity of her contributions”.

The Stangers and Carey Lewis have a long history together, dating back to the mid-1970’s, and Lewis’ move to the west coast in the spring of 2011, reunited the three of them.

David Stanger noted, “In the 3 years since he joined DSA, and began partnering with Sam and I, we have experienced in excess of a 30% growth in business, and that is a remarkable number. Carey’s new title is Executive Vice President, Director of Business Development and Strategic Planning, and it reflects both his 35+ years in this business as one of the smartest media planners I have ever known, as well as recognizing the significant contribution he has made at DSA”.

On June 11th, 2014 at the DSA Media Network’s first ever “Town Hall” gathering in Langley, B.C., two more executive appointments were announced by David Stanger.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce the promotions of Shannon Schafer and Lynn Hoffman to the position of Vice President, and appoint them as members of the newly-created DSA management team, joining Executive Vice Presidents, Samantha Richardson and Carey Lewis, in that capacity.

Shannon Schafer joined DSA in the spring of 2005, and has been instrumental in helping DSA grow into its position as the largest independent Media Company in Western Canada. During the past 9 years, she has bought and planned media on behalf of some of our largest and most complex client assignments. In addition to her work with traditional media, she has been at the forefront of leading DSA and our clients into the world of social and other emerging media. She is not only an outstanding media practitioner, she is a gifted communicator, and is considered by her clients to be an extension of their advertising and marketing teams. Shannon also has a deep interest in putting something back into the community and industry within which she works, and to that end, has been front and centre in the establishment of a NABS chapter in Victoria”.

Lynn Hoffman’s journey into the DSA family began back in 2002, when DSA first started providing media services to SaskTel. By 2004, Lynn was running Octane Media, the co-venture between Brown Communications and DSA. Finally in 2011, she and her Regina-based team, became full members of the DSA family, when DSA assumed full ownership of the office in Saskatchewan. Lynn’s leadership, warm and outgoing personality, and her love of all things media, have made her one of the most beloved members of the Saskatchewan agency community. Like Shannon, Lynn has been a key driver in helping DSA grow into its’ position as the largest independent Media Company in Western Canada. Her insights and experience in Saskatchewan provide us with an unrivalled edge over every other agency in the country. She has also been very active on behalf of NABS, and has played an important role in establishing a local chapter in Regina”.

Mary Stanger said “When David and I first created DSA back in 1997, we wanted the company to be built upon three principles that are critically important to both of us, especially when we work in such a people-oriented business. Those principles were honesty, integrity, and treating everyone we encounter in all aspects of life with mutual respect. We would be hard-pressed to find four finer examples of these core values, and are proud to know that Samantha Richardson, Carey Lewis, Shannon Schafer and Lynn Hoffman will be carrying forward the DSA brand that David and I have worked so hard to build.”

The DSA Media Network is Western Canada’s largest independent Media Company with offices in Langley, Victoria Calgary, Edmonton and Regina.

For more information on these executive appointments, contact David Stanger at 604-240-8305 or via email: david@dsamedia.ca