We’re on the Move!

February 5, 2016
David Stanger

In March of 1997, my wife Mary and I made the decision to open up our own media shop, and to be honest, we had no idea where our dreams would take us.  Our very first client was Jack Tomik, at the time General Manager of CKVU Vancouver, and he threw a research project our way.  A cross-country tour to present the research ensued, and we won our next two clients as a direct result.

For the first 3 years, DSA consisted of Mary, myself, two Zebra finches named Hercules and Xena, and our Lab-Blue Heeler, Princess.  Seven day work weeks and 14 hour days were the norm, and our office was a 15’ x 22’ game room in our Langley home. Our first two employees were our daughters, and the next two were family friends.

As a 1960’s ad headline for Virginia Slims once suggested, “You’ve come a long way baby”, and we certainly have.

From those humble beginnings, we now have four offices across Western Canada.  We have 22 full-time media professionals on staff.  We work with more than 100 clients and provide media support services to 17 agency and creative boutique partners.

The reason for the reflective mood is the almost completed build-out of our new head office in Langley.  This follows on the heels of opening a brand new office in Regina in October of 2015, after 12 years of subletting space from one of our agency partners.

Our new Regina home is on Badham Blvd about 5 minutes from the “Leg” and Wascana Lake, in an area of the city that is emerging as a very cool place to live, work and play.

Langley head office is now in a brand new building across from the Colossus movie theatre in Langley and I’ve learned that the building out of one’s own space is way outside my comfort zone.

My best friend just asked me “how’s the move going?”  I responded with “ít’s been fun, frustrating, stressful, exciting, disappointing, surprising, infuriating, and enlightening”, and it has been all those things almost every day.

But we’re here, in our new space.  Fresh paint smells, gyprock dust in the air, and packaging crates askew.  New carpets, new floors, new playthings, and new routines, and you know what, I’m okay with all of it.

The media world is all about change.  Studying people for a living like I do, means watching consumers change as their lifestyles and life-stages evolve.  And, that’s what we have done.  We’ve evolved.  From a two-person/four-person family operation to Western Canada’s largest media buying and planning company.   So, ya, we’ve come a long way baby and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.